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About The Club

Belgrade Archery Club, better known as BSK (“Beogradski streličarski klub”), was formed in 2003. We have since become the biggest archery club in Belgrade, as we have the most members and competitors.

For the first several years, our home was the Lower Town of Kalemegdan. After that, we retreated into the woods – to the grounds of the FC Trudbenik on the edges of the Zvezdara forest, to be exact. Now we have a beautiful range on a quiet location near downtown Belgrade. In winter, we move indoors, into sports halls.

BSK members – recreational archers, competitors, coaches, bystanders – are of all ages and walks of life. We are especially proud of the large number of female members and students in our ranks.

We hold tournaments within the Serbian Archery Federation and the Belgrade Archery Federation, we organize archery courses, we compete in tournaments in Serbia and abroad (whenever we get the chance), but, most of all, we like to eat and hang out together.

Our members hold national records in several categories (12 national records in women disciplines). As national team members, we have competed in several international grand prix competitions and championships, the World University Championships and the Universiade (4 out of 12 Serbia’s national team members at the 2009 Universiade were BSK’s own). We have a habit of bringing home several medals from every tournament.

Aside from the competitive aspect of archery, we have extensive experience and outstanding reputation in holding team-building events for local and foreign clients. We also organize promotional archery presentations at events such as Sports Fest, Beer Fest and Belgrade Marathon.

BSK boasts an EMAU-certified instructor (highest European archery instructor rank), several national-level coaches and instructors, as well as four national-level judges.

Now that you know what we have and what we can do, we must again stress that what we like the most is hanging out and eating.

Oh, right. Shooting too.

What we do?

Training courses

Belgrade Archery Club has held regular archery courses since its founding. So far, we have trained 9 generations of novice archers (about 300 of them in total). Our club boasts highly qualified coaches who are excellent at training beginners in a systematic and gradual manner. The training course consists of a set number of lessons. They introduce the students to archery, starting from the basics and gradually advancing into more complex areas. At the end of the course, students are fully able to handle a bow.

Team Building

BSK was the first archery club in town to start organizing team building events. Now we have several years’ worth of experience and an outstanding reputation as reliable partners.

Thanks to professional organization, many trained instructors, coaches and a European Archery Federation-certified instructor, we have successfully held team building events for groups of various sizes, even those with over 150 people. We always make team building imaginative, creative, original and rather fun, as well as professionally organized, guaranteeing the safety of all participants.

Our instructors speak several foreign languages, which is especially important for foreign companies and international seminars held in Serbia that add team building to their regular programs. We have successfully worked with companies the likes of British-American Tobacco, Gorenje, Meridian Bank and many others.

Promotional Events

Belgrade Archery Club participates in all important promotional sporting events in Belgrade and Serbia. We promote our sport in an original and attractive manner. We have organized promotional events at the Beer Fest, Belgrade Marathon, and the Sports Fest (several times). We have also organized the only professional archery tournament in Serbia, under the auspices of the Stari Grad municipality.

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